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April 8, 2020

Babies - The best time to book a baby portrait session is around 6 months onwards when they can sit up unaided, At this stage they can clap, laugh and engage with a photographer and show off their personality. The 1st year goes by super fast so book your baby portrait even a few months in advance so we get a chance to capture truly adorable portraits of your baby,

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Baby Portrait (under 1 year old)

I provide authentic baby portraiture where the studio is Enfield Co Meath. As you explore my work you will see that it is my passion to create natural, emotion-filled portraits for your family. My neutral backdrops and simple settings allow me to focus on the important things: the precious baby in your life! I will set the stage for your portrait session, then let your love on your baby while I create memories you will want to look back on over and over again. If you’d like to find out more about a session with Jill O’Meara Photography, feel free to get in touch. I look forward to talking with you!

Capturing your baby’s first portrait is just so magical. We recommend that when your baby is sitting up unaided is the ideal time to get your baby’s portrait. This timeline varies from 6-10 months.

At this age they can laugh, smile, play with their toes. Jill can really capture their personality while they still are only babies.

At time of booking, Jill will advise what to wear and what to bring to the baby portrait session so parents will also enjoy this very relaxing and stress free experience and one that will hang proudly in your home for many years from now.

Babies tend to be happier after a night’s rest, so therefore I typically suggest morning sessions. As we’re planning your session, let’s make sure to consider your baby’s nap times and happy times when selecting the best time for your session.

Call Jill on 087 8351106 to BOOK today or drop us a message.

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