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Passport, Citizenship & Visa

Jill O’Meara Photography provide professional high quality photography and printing services in accordance with strict regulations and guidelines for International Passports, Visas and other ID Photos Photo session is no more than 15 mins and we can even email the photos to you while you're still in the studio. Prints will be ready within an hour.

Passport & Visa Photo Services

Jill O’Meara offers a personalized passport/visa photo service. Looking for a more personalized service and not with a machine. The photos takes place in a portrait studio in Enfield with a professional photographer We provide hard copy printed versions in specified image formats for anywhere in the world. Photographs are printed on quality photographic paper. Digital files are sized according to the specification required and emailed to you immediately following your photo session.

Passport and visa photo requirements are complex

As a result you are best to use the services of a Professional Photographer. Jill O’Meara Photography specializes in providing Passport, Visa and ID Photos to the required specifications for all countries including:
● Irish, European Union and UK Passport
● Irish Citizenship Application Photo
● Baby Passport Photo
● US Passport and Visa Photo
● UAE Visa and passport
● Canadian Passport and Visa Photo
● SPSV Photo [Irish Taxi License Photo)

Canadian Passport and Visa Photo requirements are complex

Jill O’Meara Photography specialize in providing photos to the required specification for the following:
● Canadian Passport Photos
● Canadian Digital Visa
● Canadian Citizenship Photos
● Canadian Temporary Visa
● Canadian Permanent Resident Photos
● Two identical and unaltered photo prints are required for passport applications.The photos must:
● Be taken in person by a commercial photographer
● Be professionally printed on plain, high quality photographic paper, photos printed at home are not acceptable.
● Be clear,sharp and in focus
● Show a neutral facial expression
● Be taken with in the last 6months The following must appear on the back of one photo:
● Then ameand complete address of the photo studio
● The date the photo was taken
● The photographer can use a stamp or handwrite this information

SPSV Taxi Driver License ID Photo Services

Ireland SPSV Driver Licence/Taxi Licence SPSV Driver Licence/ Taxi Licence require three identical colour photographs, meeting the following requirements:
● You need three identical photographs. These must be passport size photos (10cm x 7cm).
● Not more than 6 months old
● You can wear glasses. The frame must not cover any part of your eyes. There must be no glare on the lenses. Dark glasses are not permitted.
● You can wear a head covering for religious or medical reasons.You cannot wear head accessories for any other reason.
● Make sure your expression is neutral, do not smile and close your mouth.
● Full front view of the subject'shead, as he or she would normally appear
● Sharp, clear image, taken against a plain white or light grey background
● Do not wear sunglasses.

Jill O'Meara Portrait Commercial Photography Meath, Ireland.


Mike Pearson

"Thank you Jill for your friendly and professional help with the vias photographs this morning. It was great that you turned the photos around while I was in the studio and to have them emailed to me before I even left the studio. Super and fast service and much appreciated.”

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