First Holy Communion is a very special milestone in a child’s life

“These are the MOMENTS to be remembered FOREVER"

For many, It can often be one of the earliest memories of childhood. It's a day of celebration and one that all the family gets together. I offer both on location shoots or studio photo shoot. The session can be on the big day or a different weekend. The child may not remember what I said to them during the session but they will always remember how I made them feel. Confident, important and loved by their family who surround them on their communion day.

The Communion Portrait


The Why

Are you looking for a portrait of your child on their communion day? As a parent I know how hard its is to get a photo of your child with the family yourself. Get peace of mind and book me to look after what I do best. Creating photos you will love.


We can chat over the phone or call to the studio. We discuss how you like your child to be photographed with your family and if there are other members joining you and any special request. Let's chat.


I offer a studio photo shoot in the studio in Enfield. In advance of the day, We will discuss all the information I need. The child's name, if there are other siblings and who else is taking part so I will know who everyone is on arrival.

The Shoot

Now the real fun begins and the magic begins. I work quickly as communions are a busy day. Shoots can be 15 mins longer if we have extended family. They will feel so important and loved by their family.

The Viewing

This is the day you get to come back to the studio together and relax and watch a movie where you are the stars of the show. The portraits will be shown to you in colour and black & white.


This is the day you come back to collect your stunning order and see the incredible quality of the photos. I love seeing my clients' reaction to the finished product. There is nothing like owning a piece of art you love for your family.

Communion package


Whats Included

15min Studio or Location Shoot
10x7" Mounted Print

“JThe minute you step into her fabulous studio you are greeted by one of the most genuine, kind, fun, loving person you are ever likely to meet. She has a great connection with everyone and especially with children, which in turn makes for great photos."

Natasha Dempsey

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does a communion session cost?

A: A communion session costs from 155 euros and includes a 10 x 7 inch print in a 11 x 14 inch mount of any photo.

Q: How soon should we book our shoot?

A: I get booked out each year so get in touch as soon as you know the date of your child’s First Holy Communion. I just need to know the date, the time ,the school, your child’s name that is making it and we will look after the rest.

Q. Where is the studio?

A: My stunning studio is located in Enfield, Co Meath. I have a changing room ,makeover room and a bathroom so your family can change in the studio and apply your favourite lipstick and brush the children's hair so then you are camera ready!

Q: How long is the session?

A: 15 mins or a little longer if we have extended family. I have all the information about the family and photos you want prior to the shoot. I will be showing your child everything on the back of the camera as we shoot which always relaxes them.

Q: Can we do the shoot on a different day from the communion?

A: Yes, The first communion day can be very busy and you might prefer to do the photoshoot on a separate day. This is very popular especially due to the Covid 19 restrictions.

Q: Do you sell digital files only?

A: I don’t sell digital files only but I do give the digital file of any of the framed portraits purchased.

Q: Can our extended family come to the shoot?

A: Absolutely and its no extra cost. The studio is huge and we can accommodate large families and we have two other rooms for families to hang out when they are not in front of the camera.